• Our Passion:
    Dhemys was created following the success of an earlier family owned business spanning over three decades of experience in the Cosmetics and Skincare Merchandising ”our driving force”
  • Our Brand Concept:
    Designed and developed in Toronto-Canada, with a focus on women of colour. Our initial launch is focused on the North & South American market followed by the West African market, with our products at select retailers with exclusive rights, as a luxury brand and future expansion to other continents. The target demographics are between the ages of 18 to 65 and are users of good quality and moderately priced cosmetics.
  • News:
    Dhemys will be launching the #3D effect focusing on the the three daily essential products used by the modern day woman ‘on the go’ covering the Face, Lips and Eyes category.
  • Get Luxe look:
    Dhemys has developed the 6 unique luxury looks which will showcase our exclusive colours and shades for all product lines.